Reasons for a Failing Female Libido

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There are a ton of issues that can culminate in a diminished female libido. Some of these are psychological, some of them are purely physical. If you’re suffering from any of these and find your libido taking a dive then maybe you can pinpoint the problem and start trying to figure out a way to solve the issue. Some of these are fairly serious illnesses, though, so you definitely want to get around to seeing your physician at some point if you think that you might have any of these diseases.

Let’s start by talking about the physical conditions that can repress your libido. First off is pregnancy or breastfeeding. Both of these cause all sorts of chemical shifts in the body, some of which can cause a hindered libido. Postpartum Depression is another pregnancy related issue that can cause a hampered libido. Anemia can affect your body in several negative ways, low sexual desire being one of the issues. Fibromyalgia is another disease that can have some pretty devastating effects on your body, and if you think this might be the issue you should make it a point to see your doctor as soon as possible. The same is true of Lyme Disease and Diabetes. These diseases do not need to be left to their own devices and need to be treated.

Thrush or a Urinary Tract Infection either one can cause discomfort and lower the sexual appetite of the afflicted. If you’re dealing with Menopause then a lowered libido is to be expected, but that’s no reason not to go visit your doctor. A lowered libido can be related to hypothyroidism or heart disease of some sort. Finally, if you’re abusing drugs or alcohol these things can interfere with your body chemistry and libido.

I’m sure you can see now why it’s so important to go see your physician at some point. Even if you don’t think your lowered libido is related to any of these things, it’s important to find out if there’s some sort of physical determiner that is having a negative impact on your body. If you already have one of these diseases and are aware of it then you probably still want to take the matter up with your physician; he or she will probably have some ideas about what to do and how to go about treating your floundering libido and they might just be able to save you a lot of misery and stress in the near future. There are ways to handle a low libido, you just have to search for and find them.

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